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Key Benefits and Opportunities

Benefits of Renting in Abu Dhabi

Better Career Prospects

The best part is, it is a completely tax-free income. With more big companies in the area, there are better chances of growth

Safety and Security

Ask any renter in the city, and they will tell you how secure they feel. UAE is one of the safest countries, and Abu Dhabi is among the safest cities in the world

Access to the Latest Services

Abu Dhabi is UAE’s governmental and industrial center. Many prominent businesses insert their roots here to benefit from the high economy

Travel and Entertainment

The city is the center of some of the best tourism areas in the UAE. Museums, malls, and theaters offer a refreshing environment to enjoy life to the fullest.

Understanding Real Estate Laws

Overview of Abu Dhabi Rental Laws

Abu Dhabi extends a great many laws and regulations in real estate. Renters, landlords, and tenants enjoy a bunch of rights as a part of this pool.

Some of the prominent rental laws in Abu Dhabi are as follows:

  • Rental Price Cap of no more than 5%
  • Compulsory Notice Period Clause
  • Refundable Security Deposit
  • Regular maintenance and repairs by the landlord
  • Three-month Notice of Eviction (NOE) policy
  • Rent Dispute Resolution Committee for complex matters
Essential Rights and Duties

Key Rights and Responsibilities

The tenancy law in Abu Dhabi imposes responsibilities on both tenants
and landlords. You also get some rights for a fair renting experience.

For Tenants

You have every right to the amenities and services in your apartment building as long as you are fair with others. Playing your part in building a strong community is highly anticipated in the city.

For Landlord

They must complete all the apartment repairs before the renter moves in. Also, the owner can increase the rent only up to 5% during the renewal of the lease, provided they give a two-month prior notice.

Notice Period Clause

In Abu Dhabi, the lease duration is one year. The tenant can request for a renewal, and the landlord has every right to reject his request. If the landlord wishes to expel the tenant, they must hand over the notice for eviction at least three months in advance.

Renting in the UAE

Rental Process in Abu Dhabi

The rental process for UAE citizens and expats is almost similar in the city. The main factors to focus on are registering for the tenancy contract and Tawtheeq. These requirements are currently specific to the emirate but might introduce to other cities in the near future.

Finding the right agent can help you not only uncover the perfect apartment but also assistance throughout the legal rental process. Before you jump into the property hunt, go through the necessary emirate-specific requirements, as we explain below.

The Cost of Renting

Rental Cost and Fees

Renting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is comparatively more costly than other emirates. One-bedroom apartments here in a remote area may cost above AED 50k – 60k. For two bedrooms, the price goes up to AED 90k – 100k, and a further AED 50k is added for a three-bedroom apartment. The center-located or water-front areas are the most expensive

You can pay rent monthly through a post-credit check or once every four months for a three-cheque plan. Other additional costs include:

  • Security deposit fee: 5% of the rental value
  • Housing fee for electricity and water: 5% of the monthly rent
  • Ejari fee for a new or renewed contract: approx. AED 200
  • The Tawtheeq fee - AED 1000 (payable by the landlord)

Note: Prices may vary depending on the area, property condition, and future laws

The 5-Step Process

Renting Property in Abu Dhabi

Renting in Abu Dhabi is a five-step procedure involving property search,
viewing, working with an agent, Tawtheeq, and ADDC registration.

The Gateway to Prosperity

Key Takeaway

Renting in Abu Dhabi can be the breakthrough you have been looking forward to. It can open the roads to elite wages and modern amenities of UAE. If you wish to make your renting experience a success, understanding the tenancy contract is crucial. It is the base camp for your healthy stay.

Familiarize yourself with the Abu Dhabi Rental Law to benefit from a well-informed decision. And if you feel stuck at any point, remember, Republik Real Estate is just a call away

Everything You Need to Know About

Buying Property in
Abu Dhabi

The landlords can get Tawtheeq for their rental property by registering it online on Abu Dhabi Municipality’s website. The platform for registration is SmartHub, where they first have to create a profile and fill in the required details. Abu Dhabi DMT will approve the Tawtheeq within a few days.

Property investments come with legal complexities such as contracts, regulations, local laws, and potential disputes. Our legal assistance ensures you navigate these challenges smoothly, protecting your investments and helping you make informed decisions.

Property investments come with legal complexities such as contracts, regulations, local laws, and potential disputes. Our legal assistance ensures you navigate these challenges smoothly, protecting your investments and helping you make informed decisions.

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