Driven by a desire to provide an exceptional level of service to all our clients, whether you’re looking to sell,  invest , buy, rent , let a property,  you’ll be in good hands with us. RePublik Real Estate is an exclusive network offering luxury real estate services to buyers, investors and sellers worldwide.

Management Offers

We at RePublik take property management very seriously as operating residential and commercial real estate properties is a constant challenge with the changes in the law, renewing the ever expiring leases, giving permits to move in and out of the apartment, allowing and moderating handyman jobs at the apartments, conducting checking in and check out of the apartment and multiple different tasks related to managing the units of our unique owners.

We at Republik with our integrity and expertise tend to focus on giving peace of mind to thousands of our landlords and tenants. We offer management options for single units, multiple units, entire buildings and developments in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance experts will provide you the most effective solutions in order to improve the profitability of your investments and long term value while reducing operating costs. Our services include:

- Electrical, Handyman, Plumbing

- Painting

- Air-conditioning

- Cleaning, Pest Control

- Landscaping

- Renovation Projects

- Other maintenance related concerns


Property Marketing & Brokerage

Your home, everywhere

Working with our in-house marketing and advertising agency, we will target the right audience across the most effective channels. Our cohesive brand identity will elevate the style and story of your property.

Property Municipality Registration

Need your title deed registered with the Municipality and don’t want to go through the stresses of it? We at Republik, we employ professional experienced personnel to deliver the Title Deed in your hand without the hassle. 

Why is the registration of the title so important?

Registration of a person’s interest on the title of a property provides conclusive evidence of his ownership. Article 22 of the new Law provides that the Land Department shall issue a title deed of real property rights in accordance with the current records in the Real Property Registers. Article 24 goes further to say that the title deed referred to under Article 22 shall have absolute power of evidence to establish real property rights. title deed?

What is the process for title registration?

Article 6 of the New Law states that the Land Department shall solely, to the exclusion of others, be authorised to register the real property rights and the long term leases as provided under Article 4. Once a property is completed and handed over to the purchaser, the purchaser can then advise the developer to register the title of the property in the name of the purchaser in the Real Property Register at the Land Department. The Sale and Purchase Agreement as well as the accompanying scheme documentation will possibly need to be translated into Arabic (which should be undertaken by the developer). The purchaser will then be asked to sign the Land Department standard transfer form, for the internal use of the Land Department. This form will provide the details of the parties, the property, the purchase price etc.